Warwick Schools

Warwick Schools is Warwick Debating Society’s annual schools-level debating competition. Every year, at least 40 teams comprised of pupils aged between 11 and 18 years old compete for the titles of Champion and Novice Champion.

The tournament is a perfect opportunity to engage and improve the skills of public speaking and debating, with top-quality judging and feedback given throughout its duration. Traditionally, the competition has taken place near the end of November.

The 2014 iteration of Warwick Schools took place on Saturday November 8, 2014. As with last year, the tournament was comprised of four rounds of debating before ‘breaking’ to a final for the top four performing teams, with a separate final for the top four performing ‘novice’ teams, which allowed those with less experience of debating at tournaments a chance to build their confidence and experience. There were also prizes for the best individual speaker, and best novice speaker.

Novice Criteria: In order to decide which teams are novice teams, we have 3 criteria:

(1) It is the speaker’s first year of competitive debating (i.e. have not attended a competition in previous academic years); (2) the speaker must not have broken to an out-round (semi-final or final) of a debating competition, excluding other novice/limited-age competitions (e.g. ICYD, NJDC, etc.) that have taken place this year; (3) the speaker must not have been selected for any national team. Only teams in which both speakers fulfil these criteria will be eligible for the novice break.

For records of past iterations of Warwick Schools, please check here.