UCL IV 2014

On Saturday, March 15, Warwick had yet another successful weekend. The last weekend of term saw Warwick Friend (Eliot and Ed) break 3rd to the semi-finals of the UCL IV. Moreover, we had three judge breaks to Mateen, George and Sarah. Sarah was the 18th member of WDS to break as a judge this year, and our total judge break count rose to 42 – 12 more judge breaks compared to last year’s 30, and we’ve still got an entire term and two holidays to go through!

Eliot opens the debate in the UCL IV Grand Final.
Eliot opens the debate in the UCL IV Grand Final.

Facing former WDS President Gareth with his partner from King’s, as well as Birmingham and LSE on a motion about anarcho-populism, the Warwick and Warwick-ish teams both broke to the Grand Final. The motion was about permitting gangs in favelas to operate without being persecuted, assuming they provided their communities with basic goods and services, like education, healthcare, and sanitation.

Commiserations should go out to Cost of Nuclear Warwick (Duncan and Toby), who missed out on just 11 speaker points, ranking 12/56 on the team tab.

The tab can be found here.