Training Materials

Here you can access our past training materials, including slides, data sheets, and suggested reading.

Sessions in 2016/17:

T1W2F – intro to BP (Katrin Fallmann with thanks to Ionut Stefan and Eliot Pallot)
T1W3F – POIs (Katrin Fallmann with thanks to Ionut Stefan)
T1W3W – Analysis (Katrin Fallmann with thanks to Maxine Muirhead)
T1W4W – Bargaining power, lobbying, perception (Katrin Fallmann)
T1W5F – coming up with an extension (Katrin Fallmann with thanks to Steven Rajavinothan)
T1W5W – Prep time and Note taking (Burdens) (Katrin Fallmann)
T1w7F – Criminal Justice (Katrin Fallmann witht thanks to Eleanor Kowol)
T1W7W – Bottom Half (Katrin Fallmann)
T1W9F – Rebuttal (Katrin Fallmann)
T2W1F – changing peoples behaviour (Katrin Fallmann)
T2W2W – basic economic concepts (Katrin Fallmann with thanks to Ionut Stefan)
T2W3W judging (Katrin Fallmann)
T2W4F – Nationalism (Katrin Fallmann)
T2W5F – how to improve (Katrin Fallmann)

Sessions in 2015/16:

Training-1-Introduction-to-BP-debating (Ionut Stefan)
Training-2-Role-fulfillment (Ionut Stefan)
Training-3-Identifying-Burdens (Ionut Stefan)
Training- Nationalisation (Katrin Fallmann)
Advanced-Training-Bottom-Half (Ionut Stefan)
Preparation-and-Content-Generation (Ionut Stefan)
Advanced-Training-OG (Ionut Stefan)
Bottom-Half-and-Rebuttal (Ionut Stefan)
Economics-Training (Ionut Stefan)
IR-training (Ionut Stefan)
Philosophy-in-debates (Ionut Stefan)
PMCs-Ionut-Stefan-Warwick (Ionut Stefan)
Pop-Culture (Ionut Stefan, with thanks to Eleanor Kowol)
Judging-and-World-Bank (Ionut Stefan)
Strategy and Clashes (Katrin Fallmann)
Message Motions (Katrin Fallmann)
Rhetorics (Katrin Fallman)
Coming up with an Extension (Katrin Fallmann)

Sessions in 2014/15:

Role Fulfilment in BP Debates (Maxine Muirhead)
Content Generation (Maxine Muirhead)
First Proposition (Maxine Muirhead)
Summary Speeches (Duncan Mitchell)
Video: How to Use Prep Time Effectively (Ed Mancey)
Development (Maxine Muirhead)
Environment (Maxine Muirhead)
Criminal-Justice-System (Maxine Muirhead)
War-Theories-Jan-2015 (Maxine Muirhead)
Intro-to-IR-Part-1 (Maxine Muirhead)
Oil-prices (Maxine Muirhead)
Analysis-Feb-2015 (Maxine Muirhead)
International-Organisations (Maxine Muirhead)
World-Bank (Ionut Stefan)
Points-of-Information (Ionut Stefan)
The-Military (Ionut Stefan)
Iran (Ionut Stefan)
Rights-Analysis (Ionut Stefan)
Democracy and Legitimacy (Ionut Stefan)

Sessions in 2013/14:

The Burdens of a Debate (Eliot Pallot)
Debate Burdens: Training Exercise (Eliot Pallot)
How to Structure Your Speech (Eliot Pallot)
Rules of British Parliamentary (Eliot Pallot)
Role Fulfillment (Eliot Pallot)
Legal Motions (Eliot Pallot)
International Relations debates (Eliot Pallot)
How to Judge (Warwick IV) (Eliot Pallot)
Democracy (Eliot Pallot)
Economics 101 (Maxine Muirhead)
Feminism (Maxine Muirhead)
Comparative Analysis (Maxine Muirhead)
Latin America (George Bainbridge)
Peace Theories and How to be a Good Wing (Maxine Muirhead / Nick Zervoudis)
War Theories (Maxine Muirhead)
Rights and the State (Maxine Muirhead)
Tactics (Maxine Muirhead)

Sessions in 2012/13:

WDS First Session – The rules of BP and some motivation (Steven Rajavinothan)
Structuring your speech (Steven Rajavinothan)
SPEEL: Structuring an Argument (Steven Rajavinothan)
Role Fulfillment (Steven Rajavinothan)
Identifying Burdens (Steven Rajavinothan)
Preparation and Content Generation (Steven Rajavinothan)
Summary Speeches (Steven Rajavinothan)
Eliot’s whistle-stop tour of Coercion and Choice (Eliot Pallot)

Sessions (Miscellaneous from the past):

Introduction to BP First session
Rebuttal I – Second Session
Role Fulfillment I – Second Session
Debating Analysis
Bottom Half Strategy I
Debating Analysis
Andrew’s Analysis Session
Identifying Burdens I
Whip Speeches II – 30.11.11
Sub Pointing
Rebuttal I
Rebuttal II – 23.11.11
Points of Information
Identifying Burdens I
Identifying Burdens II
Normative Arguments (Richard 2012)
First Prop (Richard 2010)


The state, the individual, liberty and paternalism
Criminal Justice (Richard 2010)
Rawls and Nozick
Sri Lankan Civil War


If you want to learn more (or a lot more), below is a list of useful links to some excellent external debating resources.

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