International Women’s Week 2014: WDS Public Debate

WDS took part in this year’s International Women’s Week at Warwick 2014 by hosting a public debate on the motion that This House Believes That Feminists Should Support Sexually Assertive Female Music Acts.

IWW 2014 Public Debate Cover Poster

The format of the debate was Extended Mace; there were 2 speeches delivered from each side, with a floor debate occurring before the final two speeches, allowing anybody from the audience to express their views on the motion.

Each team comprised of 3 female student debaters from the Society. They are all successful members of the Society, having reached multiple finals and semi-finals as either speakers or judges of competitions across the UK. The debate was chaired by Louise Forsyth, our outgoing public debates Chair.

Aparna Chandrasekar, Engineering (2nd year)
Sarah McConaghy, European Law (4th year)
Sian Bedford, Mathematics (alumna ’13)

Maxine Muirhead, PPE (1st year)
Holly Moorhouse, Classics (3rd year)
Lamia Loukil, English & History (3rd year)

The motion was carried, with 28 voting in favour, 17 voting against, and 8 abstaining from voting.

We would like to thank all our speakers and chair for taking part, as well as the International Women’s Week team who invited us to host the event. More importantly, however, we would like to thank all those who attended, and hope they found the debate as interesting and engaging as we all did! You can find photographs from the event on our Facebook page.