Breaking All Over the Place: Liverpool IV, Exeter Open, and Durham Schools

The weekend of 22 March was quite a successful one for Warwick (again), with breaks spread over three different competitions.

At the Liverpool IV Grand Final

At the Liverpool IV, for which Roberto was co-Chief Adjudicator, Ed and Maxine broke 2nd to the Grand Final, eventually losing the final on a 4-1 split decision. Ed was ranked 6th on tab and Maxine 8th. Furthermore, Lamia and Sian judged the Novice Final, with Sian being the Chair.

At Exeter Open, James, who was also the Chief Adjudicator, judged the Grand Final.

At the Liverpool IV Grand Final

At Durham Schools, Nick judged the Quarter-Final.

This brings this year’s tally up to 19 speaking breaks and 46 judge breaks. In comparison to last year, we’ve already got 1.5 times more judge breaks, and almost as many speaking breaks (20 compared to the current 19), and we’ve still got most of the Easter Holidays and Term 3 left!