Writing Opportunities

We have a number of opportunities for aspiring journalists or those simply interested in covering events and topics. Before every public debate, we gather differing opinions on the topic, for which everyone is welcome to send entries. The best ones are published on the public debates union website.

Additionally, we invite whoever is interested in writing for The Boar or The Student Journals to cover our largest events, including our public debates, or our joint debates with other societies, such as our collaboration with the global debating charity, IDEA, on banning animal testing, or our feminism debate on sexually assertive music acts that we ran in association with Warwick Anti-Sexism Society.

Lastly, if you found a recent debate motion (or anything else, really) particularly inspiring, and would like to write an article about it, we are happy to support you through that process!

If you are interested, please drop us an email at su315@warwicksu.com, or talk to any of our exec committee members.